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Thank you for dropping by. I'm thrilled that you're here, that you're interested in my stories, that you want to get lost in a world I created.

I've been daydreaming since I was little. I used to get in trouble for not paying attention in Sunday school, regular school, and even conversations. When I started writing down those daydreams everything changed.

When I'm writing, I can't tell what's easier, breathing or the craft. It's the only thing that when I'm doing it, I don't wish I was doing something else.

But I do have to do other things. I have a fat, yellow cat named Apollo who demands a lot of my attention. I'm a part of a large family (fourth kid out of six) who I adore with my whole heart. I love reading, drawing, eating, and sitting on beaches. But no matter what, I always come back to storytelling. Life can be challenging sometimes-- ok, most of the time, so I hope that my stories can help you escape. Even just for a little while.

So grab a cup of tea or something stronger, and let's get reading. The best is yet to come.


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