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Aayna Moose

Updated: Mar 16

Birthday: May 2nd

Status: Common Six First Appearance: The North Tower, Chapter 23, First Day

Wand Description: Owl feathers

Marks/Unique Identifying Quality: Diamond shape glasses

Quirk: Always has notes scribbled on her arms

Relationship Status: Surrounded by idiots. Willingly single

Occupation: Best of her Class

Favorite Pastimes: Studying, puzzles, crosswords, riddles, reading mystery novels

Favorite Food/Treat: Reeses

Positive Personality Trait: Driven

Negative Personality Trait: Knows she's the smartest person in the room 

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people borrow a pen and never give it back

Ambitions: Graduate the Magisterium with Honors and become a Master of Knowledge. Maybe come back and become the School Master

Most Common Saying: "Listen, you idiots . . ."

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