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Henry Lenin

Updated: Mar 16

Birthday: December 9th

Status: Royal Eight

First Appearance: The North Tower, Chapter 8, Do You Know This Man?

Wand Description: Ancient Runes

Marks/Unique Identifying Quality: Distinguished eyebrows

Quirk: Drinks 3 cups of a tea a day, no matter the season

Relationship Status: Unknown

Occupation: School Master of the Magisterium of Magic, Cofounder Member of Achilles Heel

Favorite Pastimes: Scrabble

Favorite Food/Treat: Lavender Scones

Positive Personality Trait: Can talk anyone into anything

Negative Personality Trait: Can make an excuse for anything 

Biggest Pet Peeve: Not getting his way

Ambitions: Efficiently run one of the most distinguished schools in the world . . . win a war in the spare time

Most Common Saying: Blah blah blah excuse excuse excuse

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