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Blaine Willow

Updated: Mar 16

Birthday: February 17th

Status: Royal 8

First Appearance: The North Tower, Chapter 40, Into the Tower

Wand Description: Unknown

Marks/Unique Identifying Quality: Ghostly complexion

Quirk: Can appear out of thin air

Relationship Status: Pining for her school sweet heart

Occupation: Haunts a tower and wing of the Magisterium of Magic 

Favorite Pastimes: Giving riddles to students

Favorite Food/Treat: Unknown

Positive Personality Trait: Doesn't take crap from people

Negative Personality Trait: Makes acceptors for people she loves

Biggest Pet Peeve: People coming into her tower

Ambitions: Keep students from dying

Most Common Saying: The riddle found in Chapter 41, In Over Your Head

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