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Cornelia Montgomery

Updated: Mar 16

Birthday: December 13

Status: Common Four (Really a Deficient 3)

First Appearance: The North Tower, Chapter 20, A Lie Laced with Gold

Wand Description: Lines that look like the veins of a bee wing

Marks/Unique Identifying Quality: Large blue eyes

Quirk: Snorts when she laughs

Relationship Status: Casually waiting for the love of her life

Occupation: Student, Summer waitress

Favorite Pastimes: Running

Favorite Food/Treat: Anything chocolate

Positive Personality Trait: Sweet to everyone

Negative Personality Trait: Nothing. She is literally perfect

Biggest Pet Peeve: Entitled attitudes

Ambitions: Apprentice with a Master of Herbology and open a enchanted and rare floral shop

Most Common Saying: (something sweet)

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