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Daniel Phillips

Updated: Mar 16

Birthday: January 25th

Status: Common Six First Appearance: The North Tower, Chapter 20, A Lie Laced with Gold

Wand Description: Thin rings, almost like the pages of a book

Marks/Unique Identifying Quality: Dimples

Quirk: Dog-ears the pages of his books

Relationship Status: Who would want to go out with the records keeper?

Occupation: Records Keeper, Second Best 

Favorite Pastimes: Learning new languages 

Favorite Food/Treat: French fries with honey mustard

Positive Personality Trait: Friendly and welcoming

Negative Personality Trait: Too trusting

Biggest Pet Peeve: Someone chewing with their mouth open

Ambitions: Become a Master of History and Language

Most Common Saying: (some obscure fact)

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